Our Dogs

(a.k.a. Katarina "Kat")

Meet our new addition to Balsam Ridge....Katarina


CKC Balsam Ridge's Inherit The Wind
(a.k.a. Katie Scarlett)
Katie Scarlett's Pedigree

Katie Scarlett is our Belle's daughter.  She is a tri-coloured Parti with Phantom markings on her face, muzzle, rear and appears to be wearing a little dinner jacket.  She is probably one of our more petit poodles but what a personality.  Katie is extremely bright, good conformation, and loves to be with people!!!  Like all of our dogs she loves to play outdoors but would give that all up I believe to be a personal lap dog....lol.  She loves to cuddle!

CKC Balsam Ridge's Arctic Mist
(a.k.a. Opal)

Opal had to of been, one of the prettiest little female pups we ever had at Balsam Ridge. She had a very thick ice-white fluffy coat....and piercing dark eyes, black nose, lips and eye rims.  Just like a tiny Polar Bear..lol. 

She came back to us a couple of years later when her owner sadly and unexpectedly suffered hardships.  Over the many months living here she has learned to join our pack and fit in as though she had never left.

She is a smaller Standard, weighing in at 37 pounds and may I add extremely athletic. Her Dam was our Katie Scarlett (see above on this page) and her Sire that I once owned,  went by the name of "CKC Pristine's Brindle Phoenix (a.k.a. Slade)".

CKC Balsam Ridge's Elegance and Charm
(a.k.a. Storm)
Storm's Pedigree

Storm is a beautiful apricot and black Phantom that derives from Champion lines.   Phantom is the name used in the poodle world for this very old genetic colour pattern.  It has been portrayed on multi-coloured Standard Poodles in historical works of art over two hundred years old.  Many breeds including the Doberman carry markings as Storm shows.  He has a fabulous conformation, is very intelligent and has an amazing temperament.  Storm is 25 inches at the shoulder and weighs 45 pounds.



Triston is the offspring of our Dixie and Storm.  With a wonderful pedigree of reds, apricot and black on his Dam's side and stunning Phantoms etc in his Sire's pedigree, Triston will be a future breeder in the Balsam Ridge program.  He was born Mar.14/16 so he is still just a pup but he will mature into a beautiful male.


Triston has been placed with a fabulous family and they will provide him with a loving forever home.  We will keep you updated.

Our two beautiful girls featured below, (a.k.a. the Queens) are retired and both have given Balsam Ridge stunning puppies.


They have also given my Doug, myself, and family, years of devotion, laughter and affection.  They will forever be a part of our pack and live here like the Queens they are.

Belle is mother to our "Katie Scarlett" and Grandmother to our "Opal".  We hope both Dixie and Belle will be with us for many years to come.


(a.k.a. Belle)
(a.k.a. Dixie)

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