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Balsam Ridge Documents




At Balsam Ridge we work closely with our Veterinarians and strive to keep our dogs as healthy and happy as possible.

We PROMISE to have our breeders tested for specific afflictions that may affect this particular breed and practice SAFE breeding ethics.


  • von Willebrand's Disease (vWD)

  • Neonatal Encephalopathy (NE)

  • CERF (Eyes-Examiner>Board Certified Veterinary Ophthamologist)

  • Hips (to look for signs of Hip Dysplasia)

  • Cardiac (Heart-Examiner Veterinary Cardiologist)

  • Thyroid


Welcome to Balsam Ridge!  Our puppies are raised with lots of supervision and care.  Before they leave us, they will have health examinations by a certified Veterinarian, wormed, vaccinations UTD, tail and dew claws removed.  They will be introduced to many things to insure a well sound and happy pup, included a lot of bathing and grooming.


  • Clients have 72 hours from time of receiving puppy to have their new pup examined by a certified Veterinarian.  If said puppy is not examined within this time frame, any guarantee is null and void.


  • We offer a 2 year Health Guarantee against genetic illness such as kidney, liver or heart disease ..etc.  This does not include problems that are not genetically based of course.


  • Our guarantee is a replacement guarantee, never a money back guarantee.


  • We understand that you may have become very attached to your puppy, so we sometimes allow the original pup to be kept.  A request to have pup spayed or neutered before we send a replacement would be made.  Breeder has final choice whether someone is allowed to keep their original pup.


  • Puppies are not held without a deposit.  Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE but may be transferred to a puppy from the next litter...or when one is available.  The replacement pup must be of like value and could have different coat colour and parentage.


  • Balsam Ridge never guarantees size or only Mother Nature can determine this in the end.


  • Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs for puppy or dog returned and for recieving replacement puppy.

PLEASE NOTE that we never reimburse any kind of Vet fee.


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