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Puppy Care Tips

Preparing for your puppy

It can be difficult anticipating the arrival of your new puppy but there are many things you can do before that special day. Make sure to "puppy proof " the areas you will allow your new companion to play and roam. Remember that your puppy is teething for the first year of their life so "look low" and keep unsafe articles out of reach and provide dog safe chewables for play. Ingesting an unsafe article can be fatal for your puppy. Also, there are supplies that you will need and it is always fun shopping for a new pup. This is also a good time to start looking for a Training Facility, a grooming facility and if you don't have a Veterinarian then now is the time to obtain one. Don't forget to check your will want to take lots of pictures once your puppy is home.

Bathing your puppy

Puppies do need to be bathed, especially during weaning when they begin to eat solids. We at Balsam Ridge like to make their first experience in water a joyful one. We put warm water in our tub and let all the puppies "test the waters" as to say. They smell it, taste it, paw at it as they try to decide if this "new" substance is safe or harmful but it is not long before they relax and begin to play.


When they are a litter older, Doug and I graduate the bathing/grooming of the puppies to our Professional Grooming Studio. Here, they are introduced to the professional bathing tub, electric grooming table, specific grooming tools and proper blow drying of the coat.

Note: If drying pup at home, the hair dryer setting should be set on AIR or LOW.

Once your pup is home, professional groomers say the most common mistake poodle owners make giving care is failing to rinse all the shampoo and conditioner out of the coat. This can lead to dry, lackluster fur and skin irritations that will cause your poodle discomfort. Always use quality products developed for dogs, not humans.

Crate training your puppy

Your puppy's ancestors were all raised in a den which protected them from the environment and predators. Your new puppy will learn that this is a safe and comfortable place as long as you NEVER use the crate as a form of punishment. We will actually introduce your puppy to crate training before he/she leaves Balsam Ridge. For the first little while after your puppy arrives home, keep the crate in your bedroom where they can hear your voice in case they start to cry. I don't have to tell you what happens to a young pup that is separated from it's pack in the wild......instinct dictates that your pup" be afraid ". Be patient and it will soon pass.
Why Crate Train?

Puppy Food

Upon arriving home, if you find your new puppy a bit fussy at meal time, try mixing some warm water with his dry food or a little bit of quality canned food. If you choose to change the brand of food, do so slowly as to not upset his/her stomach by mixing a little of the new with old and increasing the difference everyday. Choosing a good brand of quality puppy food can be extremely frustrating as there are so many to choose from and they ALL claim to be the best. We do not suggest shopping for your puppy food at the Grocery Store as they rarely carry a quality brand of food. Balsam Ridge starts their young dogs off with TLC Pet Food as we have found it to be an excellent natural source of nutrition (no by-products) in kibble form.  Dogs of all ages love it!!

House Training

You can reduce the amount of accidents your puppy has if you anticipate the times they need to "relieve" themselves. Make sure to teach your pup the proper area in which you want him to go and be consistent. A pup will have to go upon waking from his crate in the morning, after naps(puppies have many), and after eating and drinking. If your puppy has not relieved themselves for a while, take them outside as they soon will. NEVER punish your puppy for having an accident, they are "babies" and accidents will happen. Do not yell, just say "no" and quickly bring your new pup to the area that is permissible to go. Use a lot of praise every time your pup has got it right......he/she will learn quickly if you remember how important consistency is.


Make no mistake, training starts with YOU, not the puppy. It is your responsibility to educate yourself before your new arrival as even introducing your pup into your home requires a specific amount of knowledge. We have also included a book on basic training and behaviour in your puppy package to assist you in this area. Always stay CALM and ASSERTIVE around your pet. Do not punish your pup for making a natural mistake nor talk incessantly while attempting to teach your pup. Keeping it simple, staying positive and consistent are absolutely essential. We both highly recommend reading written material by Cesar Millan, "The Dog Whisperer" and watching his programs on the National Geographic Channel. Many behavior problems in our pets exists only because of our errors, our ignorance in the comprehension of how our attitudes and actions affect our dog. We think of a dog in "human terms" not understanding that a a DOG and we have to respect that. It is not a child or a human will not hurt their feelings because you react accordingly to unwarranted behaviour. Reading Cesar's books will be one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your new companion.

Micro-chipping and Registration

Balsam Ridge puppies are all registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and all new owners will receive an official CKC registration certificate for their new puppy. We will also provide you with a three generation pedigree beginning with your pup's Sire and Dam. In addition, our CKC registered pups have also been registered with the United Kennel Club and are eligible for American Kennel Club Registrations if the purchaser resides in the United States.

Micro chipping is a universal means of identifying your dog if stolen or lost, also, the Canadian Kennel Club requires it as a means of identification for registration. All puppies at Balsam Ridge are inserted with a " CKC approved" microchip before leaving

Air Travel

There are times our puppies must use Air Travel to their new forever homes. We use West Jet as they ensure the safety of our animals and are specially equipped to do so. Please contact your breeder for specific details 

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